Have you ever wondered what it would be like to decorate your vehicle with the latest and greatest in all-weather graphics? Ever thought about immortalizing your favorite movie quote in a banner that runs across your rear windshield? How about advertising a business with a logo of your own design?  With the technology available to us today, the bumper sticker printing business is now in competition with the world of weather-proof vinyl, static-cling, magnet and sticker printing. With the mobility of today’s society, advertising has gone from handing out business cards to that of mobile advertising via custom car graphics.

What’s Involved in Car Sticker Printing?

Graphics that are to appear on vehicles are designed for multiple reasons. People use them to advertise a business, share their political views, or maybe to endorse their favorite band or hobby, to name a few. Just as a building is laid out on a blue print prior to construction, graphics are laid out in digital format for the graphics printer to work from. If a design has a unique shape, a custom die is cut to lay over the graphic once printed, in order to ensure the desired border is kept. This part may sound like expensive preparation, but car graphics are essentially high-quality and durable cheap stickers. Printing them is where the bulk of the cost is, as the size and weight of the graphic determines how much of which color ink is used, which aids in determining the cost to produce and print the graphic.

What if I Don’t Have a Design?

Many car sticker printing businesses function as full graphic design agencies. It’s just like if you were going to get a tattoo; you may not know what you want to get, but you do know that you want some ink. Typically, the tattoo shop has a book of designs they are proficient in on hand, but they also have talented artists who are very good and conceptualizing a design that a customer has in mind but does not have on paper. Even if all you have is a rough idea and/or a general sketch of what you want, you’re still at the right place.

Why Choose Custom Car Graphics?

This trend in mobile decorating and advertising is not only convenient and does, not to mention, save lots of trees, but it is also much more cost effective than painting graphics directly onto your vehicle. In the good old days, if you wanted to advertise something on the side of your car, be it your husband’s landscaping business or for your company vehicle, you were limited to either painting directly onto the vehicle, or getting some sort of paper (or paper product) sticker that would be both hard to remove and would lose its color after a while. Today, custom sticker printing allows you to remove or change up your graphics regardless of the vehicle you happen to be driving on any given day.