Do you need to advertise your company, organization, political/ social views, favorite band, etc?  Are you looking for a fun and creative way to express yourself while simply driving in your car?  We typically think of putting vinyl decals only on our cars but there are many places these decals can be placed.  Windows, walls, or other clean, smooth surfaces can be great options for die cut decals.

Another perk to vinyl decals is that they can be customized to your needs and specifications.  These custom die cut decals are excellent ways to personalize your items and make a statement.  Vinyl is a great material for these decals as well because it is thin, durable and will last a long time when adhered properly.

Custom vinyl decals can also be great for customizing gifts and other personalized items.  What better way to advertise your favorite band or organization than through everyday items with your custom design!

What to look for in a custom decal company:

When looking for a custom vinyl decals company to take care of your needs, one should carefully research available options.  For something as specific as a custom decal, care is needed to ensure proper delivery and quality of the final product.  You’ll want to look for things like positive customer service and the ability to talk to a live human being with questions and concerns.  Also vital to this process, is the company able to help with designing as well as manufacturing the decals?  This is so important because not all customers are able to design the decal they are looking for.  Does the company accept a variety of file types?  This may seem like a minor issue; however, this actually can indicate how advance their manufacturing is.  Is the company using high quality, weather resistant, and durable vinyl?  Decals made with cheap vinyl will not stand up to normal wear and tear.  Can the company except bulk orders, if you need them?  Lastly, look for a company that is known for its dependability and quality delivery.  You’ll want to be sure that the product you receive is exactly what you want and need.

What should I know about adhering these custom decals?

Vinyl decals are not difficult to place on your desired location when care is taken; however, it is important to ensure proper adhesion and long lasting enjoyment that the area be clean and smooth.  Decals won’t stick well to a dirty or porous material, so clean the entire surface and make sure it is dry and smooth.  Also, making sure that all edges, especially on more intricate designs, are smoothed down as much as possible will prevent dirt and grit from shortening the lifetime of your sticker.  The higher the quality of the sticker that longer it should last, so follow any instructions included with your sticker.  The more care taken when applying the decal, the more likely it will last.