Why Is PVC Ideal for Stickers?


PVC is an ideal base for high-quality, long-lasting printed stickers. While stickers can be made from a wide variety of materials, nothing beats PVC stickers when it comes to durability, weather resistance and versatility. Stickers printed on PVC look great and last a long time no matter where they are placed.


What is PVC?


Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a common type of plastic that was first discovered in the 1800’s. Sometimes referred to as simply ‘vinyl’, PVC is economical to produce, making it popular for use in many industries including construction, furniture making, automotive and sign manufacturing.


Properties of PVC


Polyvinyl chloride can be manufactured to be rigid, semi-rigid or flexible in a wide variety of thicknesses. It can be clear, white or colored. PVC is a highly elastic material, meaning that when stretched it quickly returns to it’s original shape. PVC is a poor conductor of both electricity and heat, making it a good insulator for electrical cables.


PVC is also tough and resists weathering well; heat, cold, moisture and sunlight have minimal impact on the physical properties of PVC, making this material popular for use in rugged environments. Most products made out of PVC are lightweight, making it easy to install and economical to transport.


Common Applications of PVC


PVC is used to make building materials like water, sewer and electrical pipes, residential flooring and windows and doors. It is also often used to make residential siding, also referred to as vinyl siding. Since PVC can be molded into an endless array of shapes, it is even used to create faux wood for decks along with faux paving and landscape stones.


Clothing makers have embraced PVC as a popular, waterproof alternative to expensive materials like leather, rubber and latex. This versatile plastic is also widely used by furniture manufactures for everything from fake leather couches to garden chairs. Products made from PVC can be easily cleaned without the use of specialized tools or products.


Sign manufacturers and printers often use PVC sheets to create both temporary and permanent signs, advertisements and billboards. Because PVC can be easily printed on and is available in both clear stock and custom colors, it makes a durable, lightweight and cost-effective base for both indoor and outdoor signs.


PVC Stickers-Durable and Affordable


Stickers that are printed on PVC are far more durable than comparable paper stickers, which are prone to peeling, fading and tearing. PVC stickers are waterproof, fade and scratch-resistant and can last for years. They can be cut into virtually any size or shape, allowing for complete customization of the stickers.


PVC makes the ideal base for high-quality multi-color stickers, thanks to the smooth printing surface it provides. This allows printers to transfer detailed images onto the PVC stickers, creating crisp, vibrant stickers that can even be ordered in a variety of finishes including matte (flat) or gloss (shiny).


When considering which material to use for your next sticker order, consider the benefits of choosing PVC (vinyl) stickers.




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